The K9 Shop strives to keep the healthiest and newest treats available. All of our treats are all natural and, in many instances, one or two ingredients. 

Our treat selection is constantly changing, so please contact us if there is anything specific you are looking for.

  • Beef Cookies
  • Green Tripe Cookies
  • Duck Cookies
  • Beef Liver Cookies
  • Duck Liver Cookies
  • Salmon and Sweet Potato Fillets
  • Cod Skin Chews
  • 100% Salmon Treat
  • Kangaroo Bark
  • Bully Sticks only from the United States
  • Veal Tendons
  • Cod Skin Dental Chews
  • Beef Heart Slices
  • Beef Kidney Bites
  • Dehydrated Rabbit Ears
  • Dehydrated Rabbit Feet
  • Organic Grass Fed Cow Skin Rolls
  • Haddock Skins
  • Sweet Potato Chips

Chicken Bites

Beef Liver Slices

Salmon Bites

Beef Tripe Cookies

Dried Beef Trachea

Cod Chips

Haddock Skin Rolls

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