Complete meals are made with human-grade meat as the primary ingredient in each of the recipes. Complete meals contain muscle meat, organ meat, ground bones, vegetables and in some cases trace vitamins and minerals. These blends give your dog a healthy nutritious diet that is easy - just thaw and serve. Complete meals come in the following recipes:


• Beef & Vegetable

• Chicken & Vegetable

• Chicken, Beef & Vegetable

• Duck & Vegetable

• Turkey & Vegetable

• Ginger’s Blend - Beef, Lamb & Tripe

• Wilburs’s Blend – Turkey & Vegetable

• Bullet’s Blend – Pork & Vegetable


We understand some pets have intolerances. All complete meals are protein specific, there is never any mixture of proteins unless specifically labeled, this includes bones that are ground into the mixtures.


We also have the ability to special order several types of complete meals. Contact The K-9 Shop for more information