Why Raw Pet Food?

Natural Raw Ingredients

Raw dog food is species appropriate and provides numerous health benefits.

Dental Benefits

Dogs fed commercial pet food often have poor dental hygiene.

Skin & Coat Improvements​

Many dogs fed commercial diets have a dull, lackluster appearance to their coats.

Convenient Long Island
Raw Pet Food Stores Near You

Our friendly, knowledgeable, and highly trained staff are ready to show you why we are the best in pet nutrition! 

thek9shop.com - Raw Dog Food

Why Pets and Their Owners
LOVE The K9 Shop

thek9shop.com - Raw Dog Food
thek9shop.com - Raw Dog Food
thek9shop.com - Raw Dog Food

How Much Food Does My Dog Need?

K9 Dog Food Feeding Calculator assists handlers in determining the best “starting point” for your individual canine’s nourishment needs. Results calculated using this tool offer a more concise answer compared to the simplified regulatory guidelines printed on our food label.

Simply fill in the fields, then calculate. Revisit the calculator often for growing pups or pregnant females, adjusting their increased weight each time.

Some of our Premium Brands

thek9shop.com - Raw Dog Food

If I won’t feed it to my dogs, then we won’t carry it.

About Us

The K9 Shop is the brainchild of Anya and Robert Tucker.

We both realized that Long Island was lacking a place to get high quality raw food at an economical price.

We both believe that every dog should be afforded the opportunity to have a species appropriate diet.

The K9 Shop knows the importance of our Shelter and Rescue friends, so please inquire about discounts we extend for these special groups.

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